Virtual accounts.
But on steroids.

When customers pay you with a transfer, we automatically reconcile and fulfil. Then reward them with instant cash back and other benefits into the same account.

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You accept transfers.
They get benefits

Not only do we solve "confirmation" problems for you, we also reward your customers with benefits. Helping you to retain them

Provision virtual bank accounts for payments

Accept payments via bank transfers with auto-reconciliation and real time credit to destination accounts for as low as N50.

Activate an own-label banking service

We’d help you nudge customers to retain value in their virtual accounts that can be used to enjoy uniquely negotiated benefits.

Earn banking revenues & simplify payments

Earn a share of revenue generated when your customers take advantage of overdrafts, loans, cheaper transfers, insurance, etc.

When customers pay you, do you get additional benefits?

Instant confirmations

You no longer have to wade through bank statements while keeping customers waiting. Now it's automatically confirmed and reconciled for you. And receipts issued to your customers. All in realtime.

Instant settlement

Every payment credits your actual bank account. In any bank. Just like you intended. You no longer have to wait till the next day to see your money.

Benefits, benefits, benefits

Now you can give customers rewards for paying to you. Your PayWithTransfer setup will give them instant cashback into the same virtual account. And there are even more benefits afterwards, linked to the same account. Just one goal: Let's help you to increase customer affinity.

Pricing that brings value

We have made a conscious effort to keep our prices competitive and for added value along the line, we even provide banking services to your customers and share revenue with you, ensuring that your business enjoys better profits.

And lots more...

We'd work extremely closely with you to extract the best value for you. Including deploying resources and capital to help you get your benefits programme going.